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The world of professional voice over is as complex as it is interesting.  It's also one that not many people really understand.  If you're a VO talent, you've probably had to spend hours of your life explaining to everybody you meet exactly what it is that you do and assure them that yes, you can earn a living doing this.  If you're thinking about getting into this amazing field (or if you've been doing it since Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville invented the phonautograph) you may find some of the links here to be quite useful.

VO Buzz Weekly - Incredible interviews with the major players in the VO industry.  This is an ABSOLUTE MUST watch.  Hosted by Chuck Duran and Stacey Aswad.  Both pretty big players in the industry in their own right.


EWABS - George Whittam and Dan Lenard are the first names to think of when talking about setting up a "personal, professional, voice over studio."  They host a live weekly talk show (Monday nights at 9pm ET) about all things voice over tech related.  There are guests, reviews, and a more than interesting chat room that are fun and informative.  Also  a must watch.


Bill Dewees - Bill is a Chicago-based voice talent and coach who offers up a vast variety of informative videos on his YouTube channel.  Everything from performance to marketing to equipment.  His pay-it-forward approach (and maybe a bit of self-promotion) is especially helpful for the newly initiated VOs.


Dave Courvosier - While I haven't met him personally, if you ask around, Courvo is everybody's buddy.  Seriously, if you want nothing more than a lesson on networking and relationship building, go no further.  But what he also does is curate some of the best and most helpful information on the web.  And if that's not enough, he's easily one of the best social media marketers in the industry.  Subscribe to his blog.  You won't be sorry.


John Melley - John puts our a weekly podcast called the Voice Over Marketing Podcast.  He offers his own insight and brings in some of the top pros in the industry to discuss all things voice over marketing related.  Want to learn how to get more jobs using a paper plate?  I thought you did.  Click the link.


Harlan Hogan - Harlan's web store, Voice Over Essentials, is a MUST if you are just starting out and need to know what to get for your studio set up.  You can get everything you need.  One of the things you will find as you start looking for equipment is that not many companies design their products with Voice Over in mind.  We typically utilize products configured for musicians.  Harlan's products are designed for VO.  His Porta Booth is a must have for any projects you have to voice on the go.


Voice Over XTRA - If Harlan's site is a one-stop-shop for equipment, the John Florian's Voice Over EXTRA is the only stop for everything else.  From articles to coaching to webinars and everything in between, if it isn't on this site it either doesn't exist or it isn't reliable.



There are so many more places to go.  Start here and branch out as you learn more names and resources.  Of course check out Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


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